Trading draft picks should be allowed in MLB

MLB’s draft doesn’t get the attention of its NFL or NBA counterparts, and there are a few reasons for that that the league can do nothing about. Drafted players, with rare exceptions, aren’t helping out in a few months or a year or usually even two years like they for the world’s top basketball and football leagues. The fact that the best available talent is taken instead of immediate needs being picked takes something from it, too, as it’s occasionally harder to debate just who a team should zero in on in anyway other than who the outright best talent is.

However, MLB could take a cue from other leagues and allow draft picks to be traded, which would add layers to how a team is able to rebuild, reload, or better contend in the moment in time they’re in. Look at how gripped NBA fans were this past weekend, when the Celtics, who not only appeared in the Eastern Conference finals but also had the No. 1 pick in the upcoming draft, decided to trade down to acquire an additional pick for the future and they did it for a number of reasons.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple of exceptions.

The goal is to look for which teams found the best second basemen over the last two decades, from 1997 through 2016. The system is simple, and it uses the Baseball-Reference quick-‘n’-dirty guide to what WAR totals mean:

I can’t stop laughing at the marketing video, because a) it features some guy who got a tattoo of a goddamn Cholula bottle, and b) the background music is manly man tunes from a truck commercial. No one else in the crowd which is made up of mostly food bloggers and a few other sportswriters seems to find any of this funny.

The movie ends, Syndergaard says a few words about how great Cholula is, gets up, and walks by me. He is a million feet tall. He leaves the intimate space and heads out to the balcony, where he sits down on a rough-hewn wooden bench.

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The Rangers are being hailed for underpaying this year’s top free agent

Sergachev, who started the 2016-17 campaign playing four games in Montreal before returning to junior hockey, is entering the first year of his three-year entry-level deal, making him not only a talented option for the Lightning blue line, but also an affordable one that does not need to be protected in the expansion draft, either.

We didn’t know what that number was going to be if we kept Jonathan, or the length if we signed him and kept him, but we know what Mikhail’s cap number is going to be if he’s on our team at the start of the season, Yzerman said. That helps us with our cap space if we want to sign our other free agents (Ondrej Palat and Tyler Johnson, to name two) or other players we have interest in.

All of that factored into Thursday’s intriguing trade of youngsters that should help both teams. But in Yzerman’s mind there is still nothing more important than filling the big hole on the Lightning defense with a big-time prospect coming off a terrific year that included a Memorial Cup championship.

The No. 1 reason to make this trade was to get the young defenseman, and ultimately it’s a deal that made sense for us.

The Rangers are being hailed for underpaying this year’s top free agent, Patrick Marleau and Joe Thornton are getting a divorce, Carey Price is the richest goalie in history and the Capitals are bursting at their salary cap seams.

Meanwhile the Penguins’ key contributors came to life. Phil Kessel, without a goal since May 21, netted No. 8 for these playoffs, just as Malkin predicted. Conor Sheary and Ron Hainsey also scored in the second period as Pittsburgh put the game out of reach. Malkin, Crosby and Kessel combined for eight points in the victory.

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