Why is the 2017 NFL draft outdoors in Philadelphia?

The 2017 NFL draft gets started on Thursday evening, and the venue will be the first of its kind for a draft. For the first time in history, the draft will take place outdoors. This year, the Cheap Kids Football Jerseys draft will take place at an outdoor theater on the steps of Philadelphia’s Art Museum, which sits right sits right outside of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, making this year’s venue look quite different than years past.

When Reeves-Maybin spoke with teams at the combine, he mentioned that some expressed interest in his comfort level playing in space and out guarding the receiver. He isn’t expected to make the move to the secondary but rather use his diverse skill set to make the most impact on defense at the linebacker position.

He told SBNation, “It’s becoming such a pad-heavy league, and you know the offenses are changing in the NFL. But I think it’s just about versatility, more so than just pure speed everywhere.”

The league has been shifting toward smaller linebackers over the past few draft cycles, and Reeves-Maybin will benefit from the trend. He excels at attacking the line of scrimmage and accelerates through the tackle — his size doesn’t stop him from being physical.

“It forces you to see the small details in things and how small problems can Cheap Mls Jerseys lead to bigger problems,” Reeves-Maybin told SBNation in March. “You can tell when someone’s having a good day or bad day because you’re not focused on what you gotta do; you have a clear view on everything.”

Reeves-Maybin is prepared to lead by example and wants to build on the work he did at Tennessee. Having a young guy the team can rely on to make good decisions and mold into a franchise player will translate onto the field — even if that means taking rookie snaps on special teams.