The series finale will be a matchup of two of baseball’s hottest pitchers.

Houston RHP Charlie Morton (10-1, 2.54) has won three straight starts and has not given up an earned run in his last two. LHP Blake Snell (10-4, 2.31) did not give up a hit until the seventh inning of the Rays’ 11-0 win against Washington on Monday night.

Sometimes, it’s even worse to select a mediocre player with a Hall of Famer just sitting there, begging to join your team.

Known for his hard hitting as part of the Seahawks’ famed Legion of Boom defense, Chancellor signed a three-year, $36 million extension last summer.

If Chancellor has indeed played his final down, it’s unclear how the two sides might handle the situation procedurally. Chancellor’s 2018 salary of $6.8 million became fully guaranteed in February, and $5.2 million of his $10 million salary for 2019 is guaranteed for injury. By retiring, Chancellor could potentially forfeit those guarantees, though the two sides could work out some sort of settlement.

But obviously I’ve thrown a lot of baseballs. There is some wear and tear there. Obviously I’m not going to be the same pitcher I was last year, or two years ago. We’re making adjustments. We’re figuring out new ways to get guys out. I know people are making a big deal how hard balls are hit or whatever, but an out is an out. I really don’t care. I’m still yet to have a homer robbed, so hopefully I get that somewhere down the line the next couple of years. That would be nice.

But saying replacement level commissioner X would have done better isn’t a reasonable or factual argument against Bettman, nor is the notion that he’s a figurehead who’s been along for a prosperous ride. He’s a powerful force behind the cheap jerseys china scenes, for better or worse. His accomplishments mandate that he’s in the Hall of Fame.

Just not now.

Why? Why do this, selection committee? Is it to get ahead of a concussion lawsuit settlement? Is it because his legacy can’t handle two lost seasons if things go sideways in the next CBA war? The first black player in NHL history and one of the best goaltenders in NHL history were selected for immortality, and Bettman’s call sucked all the air out of the Hall announcement this week.

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