Chiefs mum on whether they’ll discourage home of the Chiefs refrain to cap anthem

The broad insistence on respect for the national anthem by the NFL, coupled with the President’s suggestion that anyone who fails to stand proudly for the anthem maybe . . . shouldn’t be in the country, fairly should bring unprecedented attention to the behavior of everyone attending an NFL game, including the fans.

Crews specifically declined to address the question of whether drowning out the last word of the song with a word that isn’t part of the song constitutes respect for the anthem. At some point, however, the Chiefs likely will have to cross that bridge, because the NFL’s latest effort to close the door on the anthem issue has opened plenty of others, as fan behavior during the anthem becomes a belated focal point in the effort to determine whether the respect that the league and the President demand from the players is being demonstrated by anyone and everyone who is in the venue.

The team announced on Wednesday that they have signed undrafted rookie tight end Austin Roberts. Roberts left UCLA after playing in 24 games and catching 35 passes for 500 yards and three touchdowns over the last three seasons.

Roberts joins Virgil Green, Braedon Bowman and Sean Culkin at tight end for the Chargers. Long snapper Anthony Kukwa was waived in a corresponding move.

It seems like Smith will probably live freed from the burden of feeling too devastated by his brain-lock moment the other night, when he clearly thought the Cavaliers were ahead after he snared a key late-game rebound (though he foolishly insisted otherwise later, after a nation of lip-readers had already seen him indict himself).

In truth, it’s probably the best way to be, because being able to laugh at yourself is one way to walk out of such an embarrassing moment with your self-esteem somewhat intact.

Take Garo Yepremian, the Dolphins kicker who made the ill-fated attempt to throw a pass after he had a field goal blocked late in Super Bowl XII, saw his wounded duck intercepted and brought back for a touchdown by Washington’s Mike Bass, and briefly imperiled Miami’s perfect 1972 season.

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