Former NFL player hilariously impersonates pregame locker room personalities

Pereira: That’s a really interesting question because he’s got huge shoes to fill. Dean, in my opinion, did a remarkable job. The senior vice president of officiating, one of New York Jets Cheap Jerseys his priorities is to establish a good working relationship with the clubs, coaches, GMs, presidents and, in some cases, the owners.

Dean had that. Dean really worked well with the coaches and, at least from everyone that I talked to, they were pleased with his openness that he had with them (and) the work he did instructionally with the coaches and their staffs. That’s hard to replace. I know how difficult that relationship can be and he was really masterful there.

So the question is going to be, can Al maintain that? Can he consistently follow the guidelines that Dean was able to put together with the clubs? I don’t think we are going to see anything different on the field. We’re always going to have calls that create a lot of controversy. We had them when I was there. We had them when (predecessors) Jerry Seeman and Art McNally were there.

What we didn’t have was social media to make it really kind of magnified even more. Al’s just going to have to work on clearly maintaining what Dean was able to put together.

After spending nine years in the NFL, Anthony Adams knows a thing or two about what goes on inside an NFL locker room. He recently recorded himself impersonating the different types of personalities you’d likely encounter before games.

If you’ve been in any locker room (for any sport) you know Adams is spot on.

He clearly should pursue an acting gig in his NFL retirement.

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