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College World Series 2017: Florida and LSU are perfect dance partners for final series

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How appropriate that the SEC’s two best baseball teams should meet in the College World Series finals? Florida has thrived on shutdown pitching and defense, LSU on shutdown pitching and power hitting. The former wins with arms, the latter with bats. And now we get them again for the whole CWS shebang. This is how…

College World Series sees ball hit to exact same spot in 2 straight games. One fair, one foul

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In the early session of Friday’s College World Series action, Oregon State was thoroughly robbed in the bottom of the third, after scoring a run to bring the score to 2-1, advantage LSU. Beavers center fielder Steven Kwan then raked a looper to deep left, and it struck the yellow foul line, which technically makes…

Mr. Met should embrace his new heel turn

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Mr. Met gave a fan, or fans, the finger. The human being inside the costume lost his job. The Mets organization scrambled to issue an apology. Like most Mets stories, it is powered by the twin engines of scandal and tragedy. It doesn’t have to be this way. This is the perfect opportunity to rebrand…

Trading draft picks should be allowed in MLB

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MLB’s draft doesn’t get the attention of its NFL or NBA counterparts, and there are a few reasons for that that the league can do nothing about. Drafted players, with rare exceptions, aren’t helping out in a few months or a year or usually even two years like they for the world’s top basketball and…

Tim Tebow Watch Watch: A promotion and ‘some positives’

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Welcome back to the Tim Tebow Watch Watch, in which we look for breathless hyperbole and/or questionable baseball analysis when it comes to the minor-league career of Tim Tebow. It’s supposed to be fun and snarky, and it’s supposed to bring clicks to SB Nation. And while this didn’t start out as a scheduled goof…

Happy 2017 MLB draft day!

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The MLB draft is a three-day event, and day one is Monday. MLB Network and will be providing the coverage, with the first 75 picks out of far, far more than that made on the first day. While the actual draft will begin at 7 p.m. ET, there is a pre-show at 6 p.m….

The only correct 2017 MLB All-Star ballot for the American League

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On Monday, I shared the only possible ballot for the National League All-Star starters. I might accept a substitution at third base, but I’ll need you to put your request in writing and provide three references. As it turns out, the NL was pretty easy. The American League is a mess. It’s going to get…

The Blue Jays again tried and failed to reach .500

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It’s been a rough season for the Blue Jays, and much of that is due to their horrific start. They’ve mostly recovered, but that mostly bit is key: On Thursday, for the ninth time this season, the Blue Jays attempted to reach the .500 mark. For the ninth time, they failed miserably trying to get…

MLB draft 2017 live stream: How to follow Tuesday’s selections online

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The 2017 MLB Draft resumes on Tuesday afternoon, with baseball teams continuing their annual replenishing of domestic amateur talent. After 75 picks in the first two rounds on Monday, we will see 240 picks on Tuesday with Rounds 3-10. During the 2017 season, McKay batted .343 with 17 home runs, 56 RBI, and a .464…

Tebow’s current numbers at Class-A aren’t heart-stopping.

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Tebow moving up with these type of numbers may sound surprising, but a promotion for him has been in the works for a while. A report from May 12 had him skipping St. Lucie entirely and going right to AA. A report states that the Mets are preparing to promote Tebow to Double A. The…

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