I think the more you dwell on it and you think about it too much

You are set to play the Patriots during the 2017 season. Would you rather play them in Week 1 to get it out of the way or later in the season?

It’s like any schedule, right? We don’t have a choice. We’ll play wherever (the NFL wants) us to go. It doesn’t matter. I think whenever we get to that week we’ll do the same thing we’ve done the past couple of years. That’s try to make it as normal as possible week to week. That (Super Bowl video) will be part of our breakdown for sure, but it’s only one part. We’re going to have a few different guys, too, and so will they.

I think the more you dwell on it and you think about it too much, the more it lingers. It is what it is. We’ll move forward and learn from it.

You’re coming off an MVP season. How can Matt Ryan of 2017 be better than Matt Ryan of 2016?

For a year once thought to be a foregone conclusion—that the Cleveland Cavaliers Cheap Throwback NBA Jerseys and Golden State Warriors would barrel through the other 28 teams on the way to the NBA Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping finals — this season has brought about some of the most inconceivable moments the NBA has ever seen.

Records were shattered left and right, the most notable coming from Russell Westbrook, who broke Oscar Robertson’s longstanding mark of 41 triple-doubles in a single season. But it wasn’t just Westbrook who marched into NBA lore, but the league as a whole. This is a season the likes of which fans have never seen before. From the number of threes made, to the number of individuals turnovers, to Anthony Davis’ monumental All-Star scoring night, this season belongs in a class of its own.