Oscar Robertson hopes Russell Westbrook breaks triple-double record

Russell Westbrook is fast approaching some impressive history, and the person he’s ready to pass is on his side.

Oscar Robertson’s record of 41 triple-doubles in one NBA regular season is hopelessly looking on as Westbrook’s total continues to climb. Heading into Friday’s game against the Spurs, Westbrook needed just four triple-doubles, with eight games left, to surpass Robertson.

Some might think Robertson would be quietly hoping Westbrook catches a case of poor shooting down the stretch to preserve his record set during the 1961-62 season. That, however, is not the case.

“He pinched me,” Green said, per the San Jose Mercury News. “So I punched his wrist. That’s pretty much it. … He does it often actually. Which is kind of adolescent.”

So Green retaliated by going after the wrist that’s been bothering Harden, and he was called for the offensive foul.

But Green’s reputation precedes him. As one on a long list of examples, ESPN.com notes that during Golden State’s 132-127 double-overtime win over Houston Cheap Islanders Jerseys on Dec. 1, Green was assessed a flagrant 1 for kicking Harden in the face while attempting a putback.

Friday night, it wasn’t just Green who got physical with Harden. ESPN reported Harden was “beaten up most of the night by the Warriors,” including being put on the floor earlier in the third quarter by a Matt Barnes screen.

Harden finished with 17 points on 4-of-18 shooting, as well as 12 rebounds, eight Cheap Jerseys Baseball assists and six turnovers.

Lowry has made three All-Star teams since

James turned the ball over seven times in the first half. That’s the most turnovers in his career in the first half of any game. Cherish those possessions, kids.

Durant has been the difference. He went full attack mode in the first half, pouring in 23 points on 10-of-18 shooting. If the Cavs want to keep this close, they must battle harder in the paint and retreat in transition.

So, maybe the Cavs should guard the ball? Durant keeps driving right down the lane, and no one is there to stop him. The Warriors have a double-digit advantage with 3:15 left in the first half.

Lowry has made three All-Star teams since. Last summer, though, he watched teammate DeMar DeRozan sign what was, at the time, the second-biggest deal in NBA history, for $139 million. That was then topped by the then-biggest contract in history, $153 million for Conley.

You’d understand if Lowry was frustrated. In his long career, he has made just about $70 million total. He knows a bit about being undervalued.

But he also knows how the market works, and heading into free agency this summer (he opted out of the final year of his last contract), he’s got to keep his options open. Thus, when Toronto Star columnist Bruce Arthur pointed out that Lowry had been telling people last month that he had zero interest in staying in Toronto, Lowry quickly jumped in to contradict that notion on Twitter, saying that B.S. FOR SURE didn’t come from me.

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Joey Gallo hits inside-the-park home run against Blue Jays

Rangers third baseman Joey Gallo is not known as a pacey runner, but the big power hitter scampered around the bases for an inside-the-park home run Wednesday against the Blue Jays.

Gallo hit a towering fly ball to left field in the fifth inning. Blue Jays outfielder Steve Pearce raced back to get under the ball, but played the ball poorly, and it shot off the wall back into the outfield as Pearce slammed into the wall.

While Blue Jays outfielders scrambled to reach the ball, Gallo cruised around the bases for his 19th home run of the season.

The inside-the-park home run was Gallo’s second hit of the night and he added a double to raise his paltry average above the Mendoza line at .202.

Despite Gallo’s homer and three hits, the Blue Jays still held a 7-5 lead after six innings.

We’ve seen what Ibaka looks like at his peak. He can completely change how an opposing offense operates with his ability to protect the rim and alter shots. He has developed a reliable 3-point shot (39.1 percent last season), forcing defenders to respect him on the perimeter.

But what version of Ibaka are you getting? Can the 27-year-old forward reach his old Thunder status? As he has drifted toward the 3-point line, his inside game has dropped.

If the Raptors don’t bite the bullet, keep an eye on the Heat and possibly the Hawks as suitors, especially if Millsap walks.

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Blake Griffin’s injury casts a dark shadow over the Clippers’ future

So long as Chris Paul is healthy and the Jazz are not, Los Angeles has a fighting chance to advance in the NBA playoffs. But without Blake Griffin and his injured toe, the short-term outlook for the Clippers is bleak and the long-term is even hazier.

Advancing past Utah is far from assured, especially considering the Clippers NFL Jerseys Nike have no answers for Joe Johnson. Next up in the Western Conference bracket (barring the basketball apocalypse) will be the Golden State Warriors, who have made two straight NBA Finals and have beaten L.A. 10 consecutive times.

The Bulls jumped out to a 2-0 lead on this series back in Boston and that feels like a million years ago now. Since then, the Celtics found their composure and rattled off four straight wins as they should have as a No. 1 seed playing a No. 8 seed. We’ll never know how much Rajon Rondo’s injury played into this series as he went down with a broken thumb after Game 2 and could not return in the series, but either way, the Celtics are moving on. After an emotional two weeks, the Celtics and Isaiah Thomas had something to smile about.

“It’s a wrap for these mother (bleepers)!” Isaiah Thomas screamed to his teammates in the middle of the third quarter. There was plenty of game left, but the Celtics were cruising past a 25-point lead and the Bulls had clearly thrown in the towel.

The Boston Celtics took the word elimination game all too seriously Friday night, absolutely eviscerating the Chicago Bulls 105-83 In Game 6 to complete a four-game comeback and win their first round series.

DeMar DeRozan isn’t living up to Raptors’ high expectations for him

As LeBron James’ presence grows in the second round of the Eastern Conference postseason, DeMar DeRozan’s shrinks as if it was in unison. The All-Star starter hasn’t looked like an All-Star starter at all times throughout these playoffs, and his effort has particularly fallen in the two games against Cleveland.

DeRozan only managed five points on Wednesday, almost going the game without a field goal made until the Raptors subbed him back into the game early in the fourth quarter. The outcome had already been clearly decided by that point, but DeRozan scored two buckets that made his final stat line look the tiniest bit more acceptable when they weren’t. Without that, it could’ve been his second game these playoffs without hitting a field goal, following up on how he was rocked in Game 3 of the first round to the tune of 0-of-8 shooting.

Prior to the season, Anton Stralman received a lot of credit for Hedman’s success. They were often referred to as one of the best pairings in the league. This year, due to various circumstances, that pairing was split up and Hedman was able to show the rest of the league that he could do just fine with a rookie strapped to his side. Jake Dotchin went from AHL-annoyer-of-Toronto-Marlies-fans to a legitimate Cheap World Baseball Classic Jerseys NHL defenseman.

The Hedman/Dotchin pairing posted a 54.46 CF% when adjusted for score and venue. Which is identical to the 54.42 CF% posted by the Hedman/Stralman pairing this season in similar ice time. While Dotchin might be more talented than Jason Garrison or Braydon Coburn, Hedman showed that he didn’t need to rely on Stralman to put up strong defensive numbers.