There’s a long list of reasons for the Rams to be happy with their start to the season

That leaves the Eagles as early, tentative favorites which would make it 13 straight seasons in the NFC East without a repeat champion.

There’s a long list of reasons for the Rams to be happy with their start to the season, and for the Seahawks to be concerned. But after five weeks, both teams are 3-2 and Seattle has a head-to-head win over Los Angeles.

The Seahawks started 2016 with a 4-2-1 record and couldn’t protect Russell Wilson at all, and started 2015 at 2-4. So trying to win a division title after a 3-2 start is nothing new.

But the Rams have reason to be optimistic too. Yeah, a 16-10 loss to the Seahawks was disappointing, but they definitely weren’t outclassed. If it wasn’t for one drop by a rookie in the final seconds, the Rams could’ve came away with the win and a two-game lead in the NFC West.

I’m a firm believer in streaming defenses against teams that are at or near the bottom of the NFL. The Buffalo Bills and their 3-2 record might not seem to fit this bill, but they definitely do. The Bills have gained more than 281 total offensive yards just once this season, in their Week 1 contest against the New York Jets. They’ve also averaged just 14 points per game. Then there’s Tyrod Taylor, who has taken more sacks per game (3.6) than anyone not named Matthew Stafford. Look for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to easily post low double-digit fantasy points, which could skyrocket if Taylor begins to turn the ball over. — Daube

While the focus has been on the team’s languid offense and league-worst passing production, it’s interesting to note the Dolphins have yet to allow an opponent to score more than 20 points. It’s also relevant to note Miami has compiled eight sacks over the past two showings. We’ll make this an all-Florida endorsement for streaming defensive commodities, as the Fins face a Jets offense that features a veteran quarterback in Josh McCown, who has the ninth-highest interception rate and the fourth-highest sack rate in the league. — McCormick

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