Why the 49ers released NaVorro Bowman instead of trading him

The 49ers released veteran linebacker NaVorro Bowman on Friday. It was a surprising move, because teams don’t often release three-time All-Pro players on the right side of 30 very often, but the move was actually exceedingly nice to Bowman, and something we don’t see often in the NFL.

Jameis Winston is doubtful to return with a shoulder injury. RYAN FITZPATRICK CLAIMS ANOTHER SCALP. Fitzmagic takes his first snap down 24-0 on the road in a game where he’s not even the best Fitz. My expectations are sufficiently tempered.

Soon enough, Fitzpatrick leads the Bucs on a respectable drive. On second-and-goal, he does one of his trademark moves: giving up on a play too early, running for it, and diving headfirst into defenders. On third-and-goal, well, let’s just call this unorthodox and leave it at that.

The Bucs are scoring a bunch of points, but it’s too little, far too late. I’m not going to legitimize this alleged comeback with details.

The Raiders run a hook-and-lateral in their own territory on third-and-12 up two points. It doesn’t go horrifically, but it DOES fall short of the first down. The Raiders punt, back the Chargers up, then allow a game-winning field goal drive.

As the games wrap up, my wife asks, Why are we watching the NFL if Aaron Rodgers, J.J. Watt, and Odell Beckham aren’t in it? It’s a great point, but also: WATCH IT, LADY. THIS COLUMN FEEDS OUR FAMILY.

With the amount of talent he had at his disposal, Zampese managed to make this offense look like the worst in football, it was so bad that it made the Bengals arguably the worst team in the division.

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