College World Series 2017: Florida and LSU are perfect dance partners for final series

How appropriate that the SEC’s two best baseball teams should meet in the College World Series finals? Florida has thrived on shutdown pitching and defense, LSU on shutdown pitching and power hitting. The former wins with arms, the latter with bats.

And now we get them again for the whole CWS shebang. This is how it should be.

Tebow was 5 of 26 last week, dropping his average from .221 to .216. He had two RBIs and seven strikeouts four in one contest at Hagerstown in seven games.
That also sounds consistent! So I guess the exact wording of the AP’s tweet Tebow showing some consistency at the plate isn’t wrong. I am showing remarkable consistency with my morning workout routine, too. Going on 800 straight days of not having a morning workout routine, with about 1,800 days before that.

However, upon closer inspection, it appears this Tebow Watch is kind of a ruse. The AP story didn’t have a byline, and there’s someone out there who’s very happy about that. The headline was meant to provide hope, but the copy was a bait-and-switch.

If you’re wondering what the point of this series is, why, I’m glad you asked. It allows us to gather up the Tim Tebow clicks while simultaneously sneering at the story. This snark helps me paper over the hole in my soul, which exists because I’m not young, attractive, and rich, with a butt made out of gold bullion and optimism. So everyone wins!

I didn’t want to balk, (Mayne) said. I was thinking what is the balk (rule)? Can I go into the glove and take the ball out of my glove? That was probably the most nerve-wracking thing.

This one makes it because I was there. Sure, I was 9 years old and watched the whole thing with a finger up my nose, but that’s not much different from my current routine.

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