Blake Griffin claps back at Rockets GM for wanting to get rid of MVP

Blake Griffin didn’t hold back when mocking Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey suggested NBA awards, such as MVP, gets scratch.

After Russell Westbrook won the award over James Harden, Morey said it might be too hard for an MVP to be picked.

Griffin was not having it, saying that championships should be banished and everyone gets a participation trophy.

Harden came in second behind Westbrook by just 135 points, but the voting system is pretty cut and dry.

One has to wonder, if Harden won MVP as opposed to Westbrook, would Morey have said anything at all?

It was a happy alteration of circumstance. But the vitriol leveled at Porter after he changed his mind about Washington stood out.

A teenage kid changing his mind on a basketball commitment following the firing of the coach seemed understandable enough. Porter agreed, but he said, shrugging, People still let me have it.

Now his task is to help change the hoops culture around Missouri, which has never advanced beyond the Elite Eight and has not won an NCAA Tournament game since 2010. Things have been particularly bad for the Tigers lately — three straight last-place finishes in the SEC, with a combined conference record of 8-46 in those years. That was one of the lures of Columbia.

There’s Kentucky, there’s Kansas, there’s North Carolina, Porter said. Then there’s Missouri and Washington, you know? I didn’t want to be in one of those schools where I might just be remembered as another superstar who came through. I want to make a program difference — a legacy. If things go as I think they will with this team this year, I will be remembered at Mizzou forever. I will have left a legacy. I want to make a big difference.

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