Odds ‘aren’t great’ for Paul George to return to Thunder, per report

This seems like a question that doesn’t need an answer, but can the Thunder win a championship with Russell Westbrook?

The might have to if they want to keep newly acquired Paul George beyond the 2017-18 season.

The Thunder did reach the NBA Finals in 2012 with Westbrook as a vital piece. They’ve been to the Western Conference Finals and won 47 games with basically just him last season.

According to my sources, they believe LeBron James had everything to do with news getting out that Kyrie Irving wants to be traded, Smith said. Because Kyrie Irving and his representation and others met with the Cavaliers a couple weeks ago, and not a word got out until recently.

They believe that LeBron James got word of it and was put off by it and leaked it. I’m not going to accuse LeBron of such a thing. I don’t know that to be true at all. But I know that’s what Kyrie Irving believes.

James was reportedly blindsided by the news of Irving’s request, but it remains to be seen whether his emotions would drive him to leak information about Irving’s meeting with Cleveland’s front office. According to Smith, it may not matter what actually happened. If Irving believes James took action, it might do irreparable damage to their relationship.

Once that was over, people were getting in my head about, You’re a traitor, you’re this, you’re that’ after I reopened my commitment, he said. It was kind of tough hearing that. The people who are for you one minute are against you the next minute. But I knew it was coming because that’s how fans are. But it was tough, you know?

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