Why couldn’t our team have looked the other way?

It only takes one team to give in and grab Mixon, to avoid answering questions about why it passed on him in case he becomes a star. Much the way teams are questioning why they let Tyreek Hill fall to the fifth round last year, where the Chiefs picked him and where he became an All-Pro on a playoff team.

Why couldn’t our team have looked the other way? Those fans will ask that about Mixon, too.

There’s always a team that hopes the hand grenade doesn’t go off. The Cowboys were that team two years ago, with Greg Hardy. It went off. Last year, it was the Giants, with Josh Brown, to whom they gave a contract extension fully aware of the charges involving his wife. The grenade went off.

It’s possible that 30 teams will join the Ravens and say, No, we’ll stick with our policy and live with the consequences. It won’t matter if one team says it can handle Mixon and everything that comes with his package. The way teams did with Hardy and Brown.

Apparently, that one team won’t wait long to do it, either. By Day 2, in fact.

Earnhardt had taken to Twitter earlier this year to say that the Redskins need to reach a deal with the quarterback.

@Redskins need to finalize a deal with @KirkCousins8, Junior tweeted. Great production. Great head on his shoulders. You can build and win with the guy.

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